The Practical Audio Recording Course - 8 week Outline
The Practical Audio Recording Course - Starts Thursday Oct. 13th 6-9PM -
Learn Audio Recording Techniques in the Studio Got The Learning Curve Blues? ... o You’ll Enjoy Our Proven Step By Step Method o Join our successful graduates - 599 Alumni since ‘85 Learn How to Record Vocals, Drums and Guitars with Ease! Learn Pro Tools HD, Sonar, Logic, Reason, Samplitude, Waves “Hands-On Training” Learn By Doing. Get Valuable Experience Weekly 3 Hr Recording Classes - 8 weeks. Bands! Produce Demos In Our Music Production School.
Our Students Say..
Sound and Hearing
Week 1
Learning to use an equalizer (tone controls) may seem complicated until you learn the basic parameters and realize the similarities all Eqs share. Here we explore these studio signal processors and get you using them in class.
Signal Processing
Week 3 The effects processing rack at Mirror Sound Studios
One of the least understood pieces of studio equipment is the compressor/limiter. With the right info getting started can be easy and fun. You’ll experience analog as well as digital plug-in compressors limiters, gates and more.
Signal Processing Pt 2
Week 4 Week 5
Digital Effects
Week 6 DBX 160 Compressor
Mixing Console / DAW
Week 7 Week 8
Studio Session Procedures
Time: 1 - 3 hour class per week for 8 weeks, 24 classroom hours total. Note:  Allow for a possible 1-week recess during your class Text Book: David Huber's Modern Recording Techniques (7th edition) $50. Tuition: $600 Tuition - 24 Hours of In Studio Instruction - (payment plan available)  
Lexicon and Eventide Effects processing Sonar X1 Screen Shot Mirror Sound's Drum Tracking Room triple shot vocalist Kelly on a shure SM 58 Week 2 Typani Drums in Main Tracking Room for Glenna Burmer sessions
...More about our Music Recording Course- P.A.R.C. This 8-week program is a series of 8 classes featuring “hands-on” workshops focusing on today’s studio and audio recording techniques, procedures, terminology and equipment. Designed primarily for musicians, artists and future sound engineers, PARC has also been popular with audiophiles, DJs and just about anyone interested in sound production and recording. This studio recording program is taught by owner/engineer Ken Fordyce at Mirror Sound Studio’s in Shoreline First offered in Seattle in 1998, this course uniquely features a small class size (limited to 5 students per class), giving each student the maximum benefit of “Hands-On Training” time and individual attention. It’s our belief that using the equipment yourself and learning to make audio judgments with your own ears is the best experience you get when you’re starting out. Students are encouraged to submit for recording a (band or artist) demo to be recorded during class. A certificate is awarded to each student upon completion of our recording class.
Midi changed recording forever with it’s amazing  powers. We’ll explore the gamut of today’s Midi. Writing and arranging music has never been easier if you enjoy using Midi sequencing and samplers. We’ll use Sonar X1 to get you started.
The mix is where all of the studios’ resources are pulled together to arrive at a final sound for the song. You’ll see how the pros do it in a studio and you’ll see how you can do it on your computer as well.
As we wrap up, we’ll discuss how to optimize work flow in any recording environment. How to equip a home recording studio, for various purposes and we’ll be mixing and mastering our student projects.
We get started in our audio recording class with basic concepts of sound, like frequency response and dynamic range. We’ll also discuss audio terminology, student projects and get familiar with the all of the  equipment  in the studio we’ll be using.
Reverb, Echo, Delays, Chorus and Flange effects are sometime the icing on the cake and other time the whole cake itself. Learn how and why they work and various ways to use them. We start with the basic parameters and then work into using effects in a mix.
“You and your staff are fantastic, I wish I had learned from you all a long time ago. You made things fun, understandable and removed any elements of fear that may have been lingering. I look forward to keeping in touch and possibly taking an advance class at some point.” All the best! - Kent Guzey “The staff have years of recording experience and the course saved me tons of time that I would have spent learning on my own..  Great job guys!." - Kevin Spollen
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Being your primary tool of recording, let’s learn all we can about using mikes: Dynamics, Condensers, Ribbons, PZMs, Polar Patterns, Brands and models. We see and hear the differences and discuss how to choose the right mic for any situation.
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Left: Ken Fordyce laying down a guitar track after making a beat in one of our recent classes, Computer Music Making and Recording, through the U of WA Experimental College. -- May 2016
Right: Ken and a student discuss audio software after a class at Seattle University, where he taught Audio Recording and Production. --Winter, 2015/2016
Rob Carroll: “I took this course with Ken 30 years ago in Jersey. It gave me a great foundation for all of the work that I continue to do today. I would highly recommend this for anybody looking to get into recording.”
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Gregg Opsal: I recently completed the Practical Audio Recording Course (PARC)  from Ken at Mirror Sound Studio. Great experience! Ken is honest and forthright. The classes are small enough that you are heard. I was 60 years old and inexperienced at recording and had concerns about fitting in. Not a problem. The hands on approach works. I have spent more on mediocre guitars that are long gone. What I learned from Ken was how to record and how to continue to to teach myself what I need to grow in this field. Highly recommended.
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“ I’d love to take many more classes at Mirror Sound. I learned a lot about both Pro Tools and various plugins within a DAW. Really enjoyed the whole experience. “ -- Matt Lahr, a recent graduate of PARC 2016